Integrate custom logic with JavaScript into any software

The code-first automation platform to seamlessly create and integrate custom JavaScript logic into any system or technology, allowing you to easily extend your applications.


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Extend everything, everywhere

With CustomJS you can create and connect JavaScript functions into all tools, such as Make, Airtable or common CMS systems. You can write functions like sending emails, generating PDFs or updating data fields in a CRM system. These functions can be easily and transparently integrated and executed in other systems via links with dynamic parameters. You have access to the following NPM modules in the JavaScript code.

JavaScript Code
Just write Javscript and let it run from other tools. With the help of our utilities, you can for example easily create and return a PNG or PDF file.
Reponse Type
No matter if you want a Text, JSON, HTML, PNG or PDF - you can easily select the response type that meets your requirements.
Flexible Execution
In addition to using POST requests or HTML forms, you can also execute your code directly via browser links. This allows you to create direct, visible and transparent workflows, as an alternative to behind-the-scenes automation.
Start for free without providing a credit card. You can execute your functions up to 600 times per month free of charge. Plus, you can save costs by replacing other no-code tools.

Use our Make App to execute JavaScript directly in Make.

Make App

Be inspired and use CustomJS

Generate Invoice PDF via Airtable API
Create invoice PDFs using the Airtable API without a paid plan. Pass a RecordId as a GET parameter, fetch properties, and replace Airtable data in an HTML template with Nunjucks. The HTML converts to a PDF and is returned.
Generate Email with ChatGPT
Automate email creation and sending. A CRM link generates an email body from a ChatGPT prompt with dynamic parameters. The native email client opens with the generated text.
HTML Form with Success Page
Create an interactive HTML landing page with a form. The function returns an HTML page via GET. The form submits via POST and returns a success page. The HTML is divided into a layout and partials, composed with Nunjucks.
Export Airtable as JSON
Export Airtable data as a JSON object. Linked tables are resolved, including all properties. Caching minimizes API calls, and the depth of table links can be defined.

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