Run your custom JS code in Make

Execute your own JavaScript code in no-code tools like Make, Airtable or Google Sheets.

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The Custom JavaScript API

Our service allows you to run your own JavaScript code in no-code tools like Make or Airtable, which do not natively support this functionality. This can be useful if you need to perform complex operations or customizations that are not possible with the built-in features of these tools. Our service provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for executing JavaScript code, allowing you to take full control of your workflow and automate tasks in a way that is not possible with the native features of Make.

Run JavaScript in Make
Run your JavaScript code in a module to extend your scenarios and automations and access many libraries such as axios, uuid or cheerio.
Secure & GDPR
We are 100% GDPR compliant and do not log or store any of your data. We are also just developer and offer a small missing feature, we are not Facebook.
Just start for free and pay us a bit later if you use our tool more often. We do not take large amounts, but only a little money to pay ourselves the maintenance and development of this API.
Headless Browser PDF Generation
You can simply pass pure HTML or a URL to a website and we will generate a PDF from a real headless browser.

Everything you need to know


Take a look at these practical examples that demonstrate the versatility and power of our costume JavaScript API. If you are missing a library, have suggestions for examples or anything else I can help you with, feel free to email me.

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