Simply execute JavaScript directly in Make

You can write javascript directly in Make or you can store it in the CustomJS platform and then select it with its dynamic parameters in Make. You have access to the following NPM modules in the JavaScript code.
Make Extension
Make Extension


  • -  You have to register in our platform to get an API key. Sign In
  • -  You can still write JavaScript code directly in Make and execute it with V2.
  • -  You can also write and debug JavaScript code even more easily using our code editor in the platform.
  • -  You can specify even more easily whether you want to return text, JSON, CSV, PNG or a PDF for further processing in Make.
  • -  You can select code samples from a range of templates.
  • -  As we are currently in beta status, you have 200 executions per day free.


  • -  You have to get an API key from RapidApi and store it in Make. Get API Key
  • -  You can write code inline in Make JS and have it executed.
  • -  We will be focusing more and more on our V2, but we will continue to support the V1.

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