Simply execute JavaScript functions from Salesforce

Simply trigger JavaScript execution from the Salesforce UI or through workflows.
Salesforce Connectd App
Salesforce Connectd App

Integrations Options

You have 2 options to execute CustomJS functions from Salesforce.

You can easily integrate CustomJS into your Salesforce UI via button links. This allows you to control actions such as creating PDFs, sending emails or triggering other APIs directly from Salesforce.
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2. Execution through Salesforce Workflows

You can also trigger CustomJS functions via webhooks. So you can use automatic workflows to execute your written JavaScript whenever, for example, an opportunity changes.
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Salesforce API Access

For example, you can use it to enrich your data records in Salesforce via CustomJS Forms or simply create new records. If you want to access the Salesforce API, you have to do this via a Connect app.
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