Airtable Integration

JavaScript functions can be integrated into automations and also via a button link. As seen in this example, a button link can be used to create an invoice PDF directly from Airtable: Airtable Invoice Example

Simply create a new column with the type Button. Now you can just insert the CustomJS function URL in the URL formula field. Of course you can also pass dynamic values to CustomJS via get parameter as shown in the following examples.

Airtable Button Link Integration
Airtable Button Link Integration

URL Formula Example 1


URL Formula Example 2
CONCATENATE("",Invoicedate,"&invoiceNumber=",ID,"&clientName=",{Client Name},"&clientAddress1=",ClientAddressField1,"&clientAddress2=",ClientAddressField2,"&clientTax=",ClientTax,"&descriptions=",ARRAYJOIN({Description (from Invoice-Items)},','),"&prices=",ARRAYJOIN({Prices (from Invoice-Items)},','))

Dynamic Variables

These parameters can now be defined as dynamic parameters in CustomJS and then used in the code via the "input" variable. You can also find this code example as a template in CustomJS.

Dynamic Variables in CustomJS
Dynamic Variables in CustomJS

Use Cases